Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Have you given thought to what you will do with your flowers once your celebration has concluded? The beautiful blossoms still have so much to give and Petals Please would love to share your joy! Please complete the wedding donation form and a volunteer will contact you to determine if we can accept your flowers. If we can, your bouquets and centerpieces will be repurposed and your first charitable act as a married couple will be the gifting of your flowers. Your joy will live on in the hearts of others!


Often, at the conclusion of a funeral or memorial service, floral arrangements are discarded or left on the gravesite. Families may not have considered what else to do with memorial flowers.  

If making funeral arrangements, discuss with your funeral director or religious leader that you would like your flowers to be donated to Petals Please. It is a great way to pass on the memories of your loved one while bringing some light to the elderly that receive your gifts.

Florists and Flower Wholesalers

Petals Please will gladly accept any spare inventory of small vases, oasis, preservatives, and other arranging items in addition to flowers and greenery.