Thank you for reaching out to volunteer. We know how valuable your time is and how generous it is to give time to a worthy cause. Unfortunately, at this time, Petals Please cannot accept additional volunteers. Due to the challenges of Covid-19, our donation sources such as wedding venues and funeral homes are not conducting business as usual. Many of the communities where we gift our flowers are being highly cautious until they feel that they are safe. Please check back. in the future, and we will let you know if the situation has changed. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at  We appreciate your interest!


Thank you for wanting to volunteer!  We would be nowhere without the time and energy of people like you.  Please take a moment and complete this form to let us know how you can best help make Petals Please even more of a success.

We currently have a great problem: we have more than enough volunteers for arranging!  Please sign up for any other areas of need and when we have more room for arranging, we’ll be sure to offer these spots to those volunteers first. 

Committee Descriptions: